Marco Piangiamore

(Harthouse, Binary404, NB Records)


Hailing from Italy, born in 1983: is becoming known in the international techno community. 
His blend of Techno music sparked the attention of many influential labels who released his tracks over the years, including Bynary404, NB Records and Sven Vath’s old label, Harthouse, included his forthcoming releases on Bush Records, Zenbi and System Recordings. 

Recently, his tracks “Blowback” and “Changed” [Harthouse], composed with fellow producer and friend “Fractious”, was played and charted by Simina Grigoriu, wife of “Berlin Calling” actor and DJ Paul Kalkbrenner. 
Marco has been very busy over the last few years building his discography and working with several collaborators like Nicolas Bacher, Fractious, Ronan Teague Simon Adams, Martinique, Dani Lehman, James Hopkins to name a few. Marco’s tracks also gained regular support by respected DJs such as Nicole Moudaber, Dave the Drummer, Spektre, Dema, Frankyeffe, Paco Osuna, DJ Tonio and many others. 

As a DJ, Marco’s setup includes CDJs, Turntables and Synthesizers to create an hybrid live set, adding something original to the classic DJ sets. Without being hypnotized by computer screens or various kinds of mixing softwares.

His early sound experiments date back to 1996. By 1999, his portfolio showcased more than 100 original, unpublished compositions. In recent years, his experimentation has taken on various incarnations, lending to his broad range of musical talent and the use of numerous aliases.
Marco has partnered with indisputable Italian masters of 90’s Techno music and has been featured in exclusive Techno clubs and parties.
Over the past years, under old aliases, Marco performed at the historic Piper Club in Rome, epic nights which saw more than two thousand clubbers dancing all night.
He has played at clubs such as Palladium, Why Not, La Siesta, Il Ruscello, Pata Pata and Costa Smeralda’s club called Sottovento. Marco presented several collab tracks with his friend Sandro Vibot at various clubs in Tuscany and even at the old Matrix Club in Coccaglio before the final closing, was one of the best Techno clubs in Italy.

Marco is always working hard in the Studio, after a short break from music in 2010, Marco set out to put his act back together, kick-starting his path in electronic music in a great style: A few months after coming back on the scene, he flew overseas from Europe to tour and perform in places such as Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Mexico.

In 2014 he started his own monthly live podcast series called “Accretion”. Transmitted in audio/video version on Youtube, hosted and broadcasted worldwide on various radio stations and available for free download on iTunes.

Marco’s roots lay deep within techno music, but his style is eclectic and unpredictable, featuring elements as diverse as his vast musical background. Marco was introduced to music by way of his father, who exposed him to his Fender Stratocaster and 70-80s rock to get familiar with early Analog Synths, Drum Machines and MIDI Sequencers like the old Cubase on Atari ST, passing for Reason, Nuendo and Ableton. His equipment is mainly composed by Novation, Clavia, Korg and Roland Synthesizers like the old Korg M1 workstation or the new Novation Mininova. As audio interface he relies on TC Electronic and Yamaha MSP7 for audio monitoring.

His live sets are known for a particular charisma and energy: Marco is all about interacting with his audience. 

“Getting people together to the sound of the Techno music and a good kick of adrenaline is what I like”.