Before you submit tracks for Dynamo Recordings please check if your music music matches our style. If you don’t recive any feedback in “normal” time period (2 weeks max) then your track is probably not suitable for Dynamo Recordings. But we encourage you to keep sending us your tracks!

Please follow these simple rules in order to ensure that the demo will be quickly and readily reviewed:

1. Please send us 2 – 3 tracks. We can’t offer a release with only one track!
2. Please only submit finished tracks MP3 320kbps. No WAV or AIFF!
3. Please put your artist and track name correctly with e-mail address. Example: Artist Name – Track Name (Original Mix) – e-mail address.
4. Please include your contact information in track description and in MP3 tag. Without contact informations we can’t get in touch!
5. If you don’t have a Server please use, etc.
6. We like to know what labels you have already released and a link to your Beatport site.

E-mail – demos[AT]

or our Soundcloud drop box –

Send me
your sounds

Thank you for sending your demo’s.