Dave Parrish

(NB Records, Slaap Records)

Dave, born in Colorado grew up during the ‘80s listening to the early pioneers of electronic music and with that being his primary influence, it was only a matter of time before techno ran deep though his blood. In 1992 Dave was introduced to series of mix tapes showcasing early techno breakbeats unlike anything he had heard before, he was hooked immediately. In that same year, when raves were primarily operated in dark, abandoned warehouses Dave had the oportunity to attend his first party. After experiencing underground culture during that time, something just clicked. It was not long after this introduction that he chose Djing as his his primary form of expression. This would was a way to translate the vibe and the music he loved to a crowd, and lead them on a musically-charged excursion. Shortly after getting his first pair of 1200s, DJing became the main focal piont in his life. Early on he played a mix of house and techno, and began playing at raves and underground parties in 1994.

Everything changed for Dave two years later after attending a party named Generator in Columbus, Ohio experiencing firsthand the workings of Dave Clarke, T-1000, Mike Huckaby, and Terry Mullen. Thus began his love for the mechanical futuristic grooves of Detroit influenced techno. The mid to late ‘90s, and part of the new millennium, found Dave playing parties in various parts of the US, and back in his home state of Colorado, where he was well-known for his sets of hard-charging techno.

While the world of E.D.M. culture has expanded dramatically since the year 2000, Dave continues his love for electronic music and after taking some time out for life he finds himself back in the clutch. While still djing locally, in 2009 he began focusing pimarilly on music production. Dave has a very strange but creative mind and when combined with his long list of musical influences becomes recipe for his own unique twist on electronic music. Although unknowing to what the future holds one thing is for sure he doesnt plan on going out without a fight. He hopes to take his passsion and creativity to the next level and finally make his contribution the world of electronic dance culture.