(Trapez, Loose, Night Light, Harthouse)

Fractious 1

UK based Stephen Garrett and his Fractious alias have been gaining great momentum and reception internationally on labels such as Trapez, Night Light, Loose Records, Harthouse, Inflyte Records, Material Series, Selected Records, Perfekt Groove, Binary404, Frequenza, NB Records, Incorrect Music and more. His tracks have also received the remix treatment from the likes of Luigi Madonna, Frankyeffe, Danilo Vigorito, Mr. C, ROD, Remy Unger, Nicolas Bacher, Bodyscrub, The Oxygen Junkies to name a few. His Fractious alias is all about exploring techno grooves.

Regular support would come from respected DJs all over the the world including Sasha Carassi, Sam Paganini, Slam, Paco Osuna, Joey Beltram, Marco Nastic, Stefano Lotti, Audiomatiques, Someone Else, Nicolas Bacher, Remy Unger, Luigi Madonna, Ronan Portela and many more.

In 2012, Fractious started his own label ‘Dynamo Recordings’ with co owner Ronan Teague (Naked Lunch, Decoy, Binary404) showcasing groove based techno with artists such as Irregular Synth, Gery Otis, Frankyeffe, Nicolas Bacher, D-Deck, Vegim, Lerio Corrado, Stefano Kosa, DJ Shifter, Upercent, Kleber, Steve Mulder, Matt Minimal, DJ Simi, Etai Terazi to name a few and is constantly getting great support from top names in the industry.

When it comes to a Fractious performance/show, this consists of groove based Techno with Loops and effects thrown into the mix to create something different than a usual DJ set.

In 2013 things stated to heat up with Stacey Pullen charting a Fractious remix rocketing it into the Beatport Techno Top 100, Richie Hawtin playing his collaboration with Irregular Synth at the Enter closing party in Space and his next 10 sets, and also regularly finding the likes of Slam, Pan-Pot and Just Be playing Fractious tracks in their sets, Fractious knew he was on the right road. With all this under his belt and constantly hard at work in the studio always creating that new groove, with steady releases coming soon on Gem Records, Pornographic, Loose Records, trapez, Beat Therapy, Dynamo Recordings and gigs planned for Finland and Germany, Fractious is making his own place in the international techno community.