May 26th, 2012

Dynamo Recordings is a label from Northern Ireland, founded by Fractious [Trapez, Gem Records, Loose, Night Light, Harthouse] and Ronan Teague [Decoy, Naked Lunch, Binary404, Gobsmacked]. The object of the label is to showcase groove based techno.

The label launched in September 2012 with Artist such as Frankyeffe (MBElektronics, Truesoul), Steve Mulder (MB Elektronics), Matt Minimal (Perfekt Groove), DJ Simi (Sci&Tec), D-Deck (Night Light, Beat Therapy), Irregular Synth (Alchemy, Amazing), Lerio Corrado (Loose, MKT), Natalino Nunes (Neurotraxx, Naked Lunch), Gery Otis (MBD, Amazing), Etai Tarazi (Mood), Nicolas Bacher (NB Records, Pornographic), Stefano Kosa (Night Light), Markus Bohm (Trapez, Phobiq), Kleber (Poronrgaphic, Beat Therapy), Stefano Pini (Night Light, Beat Therapy), The Southern (Night Light) and tracks coming from Dani Sbert, Devid Dega, Peppelino, The Yellowheads, Dave Wincent to name a few.


Karotte plays ‘Will Kinsella – Set the record straight (Johann Smog remix)’ @ Karottes Kitchen 03-12-2014 (1:24:50mins)

Steafno Noferini plays ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (J&S Project, Kubeck remix)’ Deeperfect Event @ Simplon (NL) 2015 – 43:30 mins

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Cristian Varela Charts ‘DR030: Fractious – Vexed (Richie Santana Remix)’ in his November ’14 Beatport Top 10

Cristian Varela Charts Vexed (RS remix)

Richie Hawtin starts his set with ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Folorido remix)’ @ Dreambeach 2014

Big support from Richie Hawtin at his Enter Closing Party 2014 @ Space, Ibiza

Riche - Sapce Closing party 02-10-14

Richie Hawtin plays ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Florido remix)’ on his BBC Radio One Essential Mix Live from Enter, Ibiza 2014 (1st track)

Richie Hawtin at Enter – BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix 2014-08-01 by Core News Uploads on Mixcloud

Richie Hawtin uses ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Florido remix)’ in his Minus Official Weekend April 2014 Tour Video (1:52 mins)

Richie Hawtin plays ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Unique CRO remix)’ @ 20th Anniversary Time Warp 2014

Richie Stefano Pini (Unique CRO remix) Website

Buy ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Unique CRO remix)’ @ Beatport

Richie Hawtin plays ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Florido remix)’ @ Crans-montana Lausanne, Switzerland

Richie Stefano Pini (Fabio Florido remix) - Switzerland 11-04-14 - Website

Buy ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Florido remix)’ @ Beatport

Richie Hawtin plays ‘Stefano Pini – Obix (Fabio Florido remix)’ @ Fuse, Brussels, Belgium

Richie Stefano Pini (Fabio Florido remix) - Fuse 18-04-14 website

Richie Hawtin plays ‘Fractious – The Experiment (Dub Mix)’ @ Club Eden, Seoul, South Korea

Richie - Fractious Experiment - South Korea 09-05-14 - Website

Buy ‘Fractious – The Experiment (Dub Mix)’ @ Beatport

Richie Hawtin plays Stefano Pini – Obix (Unique (CRO) Remix) @ Time Warp Argentina 01.06.2014

STACEY PULLEN, Plays “KLEBER – SHOCKING” on Dynamo Recordings @ FABRIC LONDON (18-01-14)

Buy ‘Kleber – Shocking’ @ Beatport

Cari Lekebusch Charts ‘DR005: Dave Parrish – Enigmatic’ in his February ’13 Beatport Top 10

Cari Lekebusch Charts DR005


Cristian Varela playing ‘DR011: Dave Parrish – Subspheric Design (DJ Shifter remix)’ in Privilige, Ibiza (13:24mins)

Buy ‘Dave Parrish – Subspheric Design (DJ Shifter remix)’ @ Beatport